Protection of your investment

  • Your automobiles will be stored and cared for by professionals.
  • Highly trained and seasoned technicians.
  • maintenance staff who practice nothing but the highest standards in car care and restoration.

Security and Insurance

  • Equipped with state of the art security cameras that allow online viewing anytime, anywhere.
  • Double gates combined with security alarm provide maximum protection from theft and vandals.
  • Strict security personnel to enforce storage entry rules and regulations.
  • Has a general liability policy and a Garage Keepers policy considered “secondary” insurance.

Maintenance and Preservation

  • Well insulated storage environment that protects the automobiles from harsh elements of the environment.
  • Protected against accidental scratches from people, pets, and objects that can occur in a common garage.
  • All cars within the Alex Storage are kept in show quality and running condition.


  • Eliminates the burden of preparing, cleaning and storing back your car each time you want to use it.
  • As part of our service we will automatically clean your car upon return to the storage after every use.
  • The office has a lobby and a cozy lounge on the 2nd floor with a viewing window should you wish to visit your car. The lounge is set with a mini library, WiFi connection, widescreen LCD TV and a DVD player. You may relax in the lounge, do some research, have a meeting, have snacks, etc.
  • We will also try to help you sell your car as we have a large clientele of enthusiasts and collectors. Prospective buyers may see for themselves the kind of environment the car is in thereby increasing the selling value of your car knowing that it is under the care and maintenance of Alex Isip and Alex Storage.
What is Car Storage?
What is Car Storage?


Alex Storage is a new enterprise owned by renowned car restorer Alexander S. Isip, who is the founder of Alex Car Restoration and has been at the top of his field for more than seventeen years.

We are a modern indoor automobile storage facility located in the heart of Quezon City on Roosevelt Avenue. The facility is built on a 1,000 square-meter land that can accomodate up to 40 vehicles.

We are the only storage facility of its kind in the country. And as the reputation of our founder Alex Isip and Alex Car Restoration, we strive to deliver exellence to all our clients.

Who Needs Car Storage?
Who Needs Car Storage?


  • Do not have enough parking space in their garage.
  • Wish to keep the quality of their cars but do not have the time, skills, or manpower to do it.
  • Want to have top quality maintenance but would like to do away with the trouble of achieving it.
  • Travel for long periods and would like to entrust their car while they are away.
  • Lives in the province and would like to be able to use their car in Manila without having to drive it long distance each time.
  • Want to sell vintage, classic, or exotic cars.